Growing Up Years Workshop for Parents

“Our strategy on an immediate basis is to invest in an emotional bank account”.
Mrs.Geeta Ramesh, Parent of Vinayak Nair, Class – X Basant

“We came to know what is actually happening with and within our children and how to handle it”.
Mr. Neeraj Yadav, Parent of Anilansh Yadav, Class – VIII Basant

“I will talk to my daughter regularly about different ongoing aspects of her life”.
Mr. Chandan Singh, Parent of Vasudha Sirari, Class – VI Bahaar

“Say sorry, say thank you and not to be a dictator or a preacher but to let them do the talking and of course increase my deposits in my emotion bank”.
Mrs. Lakshmi M, Parent of S. Janvi, Class – VI Bahaar