Entry Event – Pallav

“What I enjoyed most about the event is the idea of letting the individual units of families come together as a larger family’.
Ms. Nerwal, Parent of Samaira Nerwal, Class Pallav Basant.

‘Ofcourse yes, practical is always better than anything else. Children enjoyed with their parents’.
Mr. Kumar, Parent of Vivaan Kumar, Class Pallav Bahaar.

‘This experience enriched the child alot. It made us realise how we need to contribute in our child’s learning process. It taught us that we be contributing and less critical’.
Mr. Subnani, Parent of Dakshraj Subnani, Class Pallav Bahaar.

‘Learning through society is always an important aspect we feel and what better than doing this with life long friends’.
Ms. Gaur, Parent of Aadhira Gaur, Class Pallav Bahaar.