Learning to Learn – 2016

“Thank you for all the support. I see a vast change in my kid in just a couple of months. Regards & Respect for all teachers”.
Mrs.Smriti Gupta, Parent of Siddharth Gupta, Pallav Bahaar

“The projects presented by students were very educative. Both students & parents learnt principles of science with the help of these projects”.
Mr. Lokesh, Parent of Prakriti, IV Bahaar

“Good to see the entire journey that kid will be going through. Great to see the student’s project and how will they understand the same”.
Mrs. Divya Saxena, Parent of Aarav Saxena, II Basant

“Very nicely planned and demonstrated by the NiBS Team. Be it care time, circle time and other activities, it was very well explained and very different from other institutions. Great Work !”.
Ms. Shambhavi Jha, Parent of Srivats Shubh, II Bahaar