On ‘Learning to Learn’

“The ongoing process of assessment and evaluations, peer feedback – it is the best thing and was surprisingly happy to know that school has adopted this. Color Coding and Rubric system is also a good way of understanding the level of a child.”
Ms Bhavna Panicker, Parent of Aarav Vasudevan, Class III Basant

“I understood that the teachers really work hard to make the assessment of students, work on their strengths and weakness to share the reports with the parents and involve them and finally get to the correct evaluation of the student at the end of the academic session.”
Mr Basant K.Giri,  Parent of Airen & Miren Giri, Pallav Basant & III Basant

“It is best that the school stresses on ‘learning’ and the word “competition’ is at the bottom of the ladder here. To achieve excellence in any area, one does not need ‘competition’. All one needs is ‘motivation’ and a ‘love for learning’.”
Ms Pooja Ahuja, Parent of Vihaan Ahuja, I Bahaar

“In English, we must focus on listening, speaking, comprehension and reading then writing. There are many ways of assessing; paper and pencil are not the only way of assessing.”
Ms. Shuchi Rustagi, Parent of Utkarsh Rustagi, III Basant 

“We should let learning be fun. Liked the point made by teacher in Auditorium that we should not put pressure in these classes. We should let children enjoy childhood and not worry about Class XII marks in class I to VI.”
Mr Lokesh Bhog, Parent of Prakriti Bhog, III Bahaar

“Phonetics, soft sounds, mix sounds, concept of sound is very much clear to me so, it will help me at home while teaching.”
Vipul Kumar, Parent of Vivaan Kumar, Ankur Basant