Masti ke Ghol – 2016

“I liked the concept of passport, I also appreciated the idea of creatively using disposable plates for making necklace in Egypt.”
Mr.& Mrs. Chamoli, Parent of Anshika Chamoli, Class Pallav Bahaar.

“Togetherness of school and home !!! It’s great !!”
Mr. Amit Gaur, Parent of Aadhira Gaur, Class Pallav Bahaar.

“Overall the event is very different from all previous Masti Ke Ghol; the theme is good, innovative and informative. The collaboration of parents and teachers.”
Ms. Seema Sharma, Parent of Parth Sharma, Class IV Basant.

“Its perfect and we would love to be part of it as a family every time – always ! Keep up such innovative way of education with Masti. Absolute Ghol of Masti !
Mr. Navneet Singh, Parent of Abeer Singh, Class Ankur Bahaar.

“The theme is the best and easy way to learn about different countries.”
Mr. Richa, Parent of Reyansh, Class Pallav Basant.

“Participation of parents and teachers is highly interactive.”
Mr. Dinesh, Parent of Deevashree, Class Pallav Basant.