On ‘Masti Ke Ghol’

“Fun quotient, making the parent involved in positive thinking with the school. The level and method of involvement is such that one never feels like the parents do not know each other. Rather they work as a team to accomplish a target”.
Mr. & Mrs. Kumar, Parent of Kashvi Kumar, Class Pallav Bahaar.

“It gave us, a sense of belonging with the school. An  Excellent way of communicating with parents and teachers”.
Mrs.Karandeep Kaur, Parent of Nitbani Kaur, Ankur Bahaar

“We are able to connect with other parents, teachers and the school. These discussions bring more useful ideas and views”.
Ms. Swati Mehrotra, Parent of Shaurya Mehrotra, II Basant

“It’s an ideal platform for informal interaction to build a relationship”.
Rahul Mishra, Parent of Shriya mishra III Basant

“One word that sums up all ‘Innovation’.
Dinesh Punyani, Parent of Aashvi, Ankur Bahaar.