Nirmal Sabha

“NiBS is a happy school because here studies are not a burden for a kid. With a smile on their face they can conquer the world.
Ms. Nidhi Suri, Parent of Abhisht Suri, Class II Bahaar.

A word that best describes a NiBS student is VIVACIOUS !
Mr. Anand Prakash, Parent of Hiya Prakash, Class VII Basant.

One positive change that I have seen in my child since he has joined NiBS is that he does every task given to him with a lot of confidence and makes sure that is is completed in an outstanding manner.
Ms. Ritu Singh Ghumman, Parent of Sarthak Singh, Class IV Basant

“One thing that stood out for us in the ten years of NiBS is the school being true to its vision statement; especially the Power of Community. It is really encouraging”.
Ms. Renuka S Kumar, Parent of Suvan Aditya, Class IV Bahaar