Sports Morning – Ankur & Pallav

“Innovative amalgamation of sports + theme + travel. Very Creative. ”
Ms. Darilang Rymbai, Parent of Joanna, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Om’s grandparents were present today. Very great work !”
Ms. Smiti Singh, Parent of Om Sharan, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Great Show ! Superb ! Kids have displayed collaboration, co-ordination and skills which can only be taught with patience. Well done NiBS. Thank You.”
Ms. Madhavi, Parent of Nevaan Raj, Class – Ankur Basant

“Wonderful morning, had a wonderful time and went back to our school days. Great going NiBS ! Proud to be a part of NiBS community.”
Ms.Upasana, Parent of Akshat, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“We had a lovely time watching the kids perform. Synchronisation was amazing. Games were innovative. Loved & had fun playing with other parents. A big applause to all the school staff. ”
Ms. & Mr. Pandey, Parent of Rudransh, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“It was a wonderful experience to see the tiny tots dance, run on the beat and perfect synchronisation. Feast to the eyes. Thank You ! ”
Ms. Lakshmi, Parent of S. Kashvi, Class – Pallav Bahaar