Young at Art – 2016-17

“I come every year and I learn something new every year. Really good job with respect to representing the world art. ”
Mr. Priya Dinesh, Parent of Avilansh & Anjukta, Class – V Basant & II Bahaar

“The sheer amount of thought and hard work is commendable. Its not common or easy to have the vision and realisation for an event like this where children and parents are exposed to a world which is so different from the mundane tasks. A huge learning experience and very holistic learning. Today you have made this school a temple. God bless you all”
Ms. Snigdha Sheel, Parent of Ahana Das, Class – II Basant

“The music show sitar (Mr. De) & Mr. Joshua for drums was mesmerising. Kathak dance training was mind blowing eye opener and mind opener. Thanks  ”
Ms. Anamika Singh , Parent of Aditya & Arnav, Class – VIII Basant & VI Bahaar

“Appreciate the kind of focus the school has towards art and craft. Not only they teach children art. I admire the way the children are introduced to the history and the origin of the art forms thereby developing and nurturing interest in the children. ”
Ms. Smriti Gupta , Parent of Siddharth Gupta, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“The best thing that one can ever experience ! Please continue with this practice of getting kids exposed to varied forms of art !!
Ms. Bhavna Praveen, Parent of Aarav Praveen, Class – IV Basant

“Jalebi curls story telling was absolutely amazing, The exhibits are “Epitomes of Beauty” !!
Ms. Ranjeeta Buti, Parent of Suhana Buti, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Amazing work, this place always has something new to show ! Best Place ♥♥ !!
Ms. Deepika, Parent of Gaurangini, Class – IX Basant