On ‘Young at Art’

Awesome !, Amazing ! Bravo ! Team NiBS. It shows a lot hard work, commitment, time and heart work that has gone behind ‘Young at Art’.
Mr. Sunil Sachdeva, Parent of Anshuman and Aarushi Sachdeva, Class III Bahaar and I Bahaar

“Thank you for organizing this event and allowing us to be a part of it. We have been coming for the last three years and its getting better with each passing year. Keep up the excellent work”!
Mr. & Mrs. Harshit and Swati Mehrotra, Parent of Shaurya Mehrotra, Class II Basant

“I deeply appreciate the efforts made by the school to invite different artists or rather the ‘Masters’ to bless our children and connect them to their rich and diverse culture”.
Ms. Renuka S Kumar, Parent of Suvan Aditya, Class IV Bahaar

“This school is unique and very special. Young at Art is an asset to my school”.
Aryan Kaushik, Student of class IX

“What a joy!! Keep it up!!”
Ms. Bhawna Kothari, Parent of Abhimanyu Rai, Class II Basant