Parents Orientation

The Parent Orientation was held on Saturday, 1st April, 2017 to mark the beginning of the new academic session. The new parents of our community were welcomed and taken through the vision and mission of our school by our Principal.  NiBS specific terminology like Nirmal Panchayat, Nirmal Sabha and others was also explained to them. They were also informed of other aspects such as the parent portal, important dates etc. A glimpse of the year ahead along with the Annual theme and our approach to the curriculum was also shared with the parents. Having gone through a brief but comprehensive introduction to their new community and its philosophy, the parents then headed for their respective classes. In the class, the teacher introduced herself and after a quick ice breaker, shared some class norms and expectations from the parents. To end the session, a question and answer round was conducted to help parents satisfy their anxieties. The objective of the Orientation is to help parents overcome their inhibitions and have a sense of belonging to their new community, was well achieved.