Plant Adaptation

As part of the ISA Project on “PLANT ADAPTATION”, the students of class IV were taken to a nearby Nursery in Dwarka on the 8th of October, to observe the different kinds of plants propagated and grown there. The Nursery had a wide variety of plants which gave a good exposure and real life experience to the children.

The students observed the various features of the plants, colour, shapes and patterns on the leaves. The children had many queries about the adaptive features of the plants which the gardener answered to their satisfaction.

The students were amazed to see fruits like banana and guava growing on the trees. The students saw many varieties of cactii with their needle like leaves and could immediately relate to their learning in class.

The teachers helped them in understanding the different types of adaptations shown by plants. The students were able to appreciate the beauty of Nature and the importance of adaptation in the real sense. It was an enriching experience for the students.