Political Science Enrichment

The students of class IX, X and XI attended a session on ‘Law and Judiciary’ as an enrichment learning, based on their curriculum. The session was conducted by advocate Siddharth Shinde, a Maharashtra based lawyer currently practicing in Delhi. The session began with a general discussion on the role and importance of judiciary in India. Furthermore, the scope of law as a profession was discussed with the students. Mr. Shinde elucidated on the various types of appeals and cases that come up in courts, especially focusing on PILs (Public Interest Litigation) and SALs (Social Action Litigation).

Moving further, he stressed on the issue of backlog of pending cases and emphasized on how reforms in the judiciary could help tackle the existing problems. After discussing on the judicial structure at great length, he talked about the emerging concept of judicial activism and how such a move by the judiciary could benefit the citizens.

This was followed the question answer round, where students enquired about the judicial system, law as an emerging career option and the procedure of solving cases.

The session was indeed an inspiring and a learning experience as the students gained insight in the judicial structure of our country which will help them in understanding their concept of the Judiciary.