Ravana Refuses to Die

A man of many talents and an exuberant storyteller, Rustom Dadachanji visited our school on 3rd October, 2016 to conduct an informative and interactive session with the students of classes 4, 5 and 6. The session began with an evocative power point presentation on the author’s book ‘Ravana Refuses to Die’. Through the PPT, Mr. Dadachanji shared photographs that he had clicked in the past which served as his inspiration to write the novel for the children. Vivid and detailed illustrations from the book were also shared with the students which kept them engaged.

Mr. Dadachanji spoke to our young readers and inspired them to read, write and explore more about the process of writing. The children were very excited and amused when the author introduced the students to the main characters in his novel.  This was followed by a reading session, in which the author read excerpts from his book and the children listened with fascination. After the reading, the children were engaged in a gripping conversation with the cheerful author who patiently answered their many queries.

Mr. Dadachanji’s exuberant story-telling and his activity on ‘How to build your own Vimana’ with the students will ensure that the students remember him for a long time.