Reading Project : English : Cl. I

The reading project, ‘Get Booked’, commenced on 29th April to 3rd May. The author ‘Dr. Seuss’ and his style of writing, primarily the use of rhyming words was introduced with an activity in which the students picked random letters  and pasted the rhyming ones on a hat.

We further discussed the various elements found in a book – author, cover, title, characters to name a few, with the help of anchor charts. Each student picked a book that caught his/her attention from the range of books presented.

Each day a sample reading was done in class followed by silent reading for 15-20 minutes by the children, following which we either filled a response sheet or analyzed and answered questions related to the book that we were reading.

To get hooked and enjoy doing the project the children viewed videos.To culminate the reading project, the students were divided into groups and each group chose their favourite story and presented it.