Reading Project

As part of the reading project which was took place over a week, class 9 took up ‘Poetry’ and explored various poets who wrote in different genres and on diverse themes. Some of the poets, included in the list were Shakespeare, Robert frost, William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, A.L. Tennyson .

The students were introduced to the project on the first day through a video presentation and some short poems by various poets, thereafter a class library was created and children read and explored poetry extensively, followed by reading response sheets. They were exposed to an abundance of poetry; they were free to issue books from the class library. The last day was set for culminating the week-long project, where the students were divided into groups and they further presented self composed poems, which also included the genre, theme and the setting of the poem, also which poet inspired them the most.  This helped the students to gain an insight in the intricacies of reading and writing a poem.