A Green Building

Planned as a sustainable green facility in accordance with the LEED standards of the US Green Building Council, the architectural plans for our building effectively blend traditional environmental wisdom with contemporary practice.

To be eligible for the LEED certification, environment friendly norms were adhered to during the entire project cycle. Prior to construction, the topsoil was preserved and nearly all the existing trees on the campus were retained. During construction, gravel tracks prevented mud from being carried along by trucks.

Post construction, in order to ensure the highest levels of indoor air quality, an efficient ventilation system has been put in place and care has been taken to use non toxic paints, sealants and adhesives consisting of low Volatile Organic Compounds.

A variety of measures have also been taken to conserve water, such as the use of treated sewage water for irrigation and HVAC purposes, the use of low wastage fixtures in toilets and a wellplanned rain water harvesting and drainage system.

Taking into account detailed studies of the sun’s movement, each of our spaces are optimally oriented, designed and built to maximize natural light and achieve thermal comfort.

Scientifically designed shading devices ensure that all rooms are naturally lit but receive no glare

Energy efficiency has also been achieved in a variety of ways. A sensitively designed building envelope, planned interior and exterior lighting designs, and an HVAC system that utilizes evaporative cooling, an efficient chilled water system, better fanpower and TES have all contributed to substantial savings.

As a school we also make every effort to sort and recycle waste.

All these measures have resulted in the NiBS building being awarded 49 out of 68 points and the prestigious LEED Gold rating. The School was awarded a “GOLD” rating on ‘The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ (LEED) building certification system.

The School has now been awarded a “PLATINUM” rating which is the highest in Global Leadership Standards at International and National levels in environmental protection and conservation benchmarks.

NiBS is the first school in the Delhi NCR region to be awarded the LEED Gold rating and the fourth in all of India.

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