Learning Spaces. Life Spaces

Located on a two-acre campus in bustling Dwarka, our school is a secure, open and lively home for our community.
Shaped with passion and purpose as a result of a deep and engaging collaboration between our team and the project architects and landscapists, our all white building and the open spaces that surround it, are not merely passive structures that house or shelter learning. Rather they are personalized, creative, and adaptive expressions of a culture that inspires learning and fosters community.

Neighbourhood Spaces

At NiBS, the Junior, Middle and Senior teams are all organized as distinct neighbourhoods, each with their own classroom clusters, project spaces, staff rooms and special needs facilities. Forming smaller more intimate communities within the larger school community, they offer children the advantage of living and learning in a uniquely personalized space that has been designed with care to suit their every need. Thus while the circular window seats of junior classrooms inspire play and a well-‘rounded’ imagination, the soft seating areas in the Senior project space invite discussion, debate and engaged conversation.

Specialized Spaces

Interspersed with the Junior, Middle and Senior neighbourhoods are three specialized hubs- the STEM zone, the Media Pod and the Arts Centre.

The STEM zone includes state of the art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology, Mathematics and General Science. Inventively designed with interactive, museum size display models and experiments lining its learning corridors, it is a one of a kind space for enquiry, investigation and experimentation.

The Media Pod houses a large and welcoming library replete with an impressive collection of books, sunlit reading terraces and a snug story circle. It also includes a multi- media room equipped with state of the art audio-visual and presentation facilities.

The Arts Centre includes creatively designed rooms for Dance, Indian and Western Music, Pottery and Studio Art and an intimate 2000sq ft Auditorium – the pride of our school! Literally setting MC Escher in stone and paying tribute to his art of tessellations, it introduces children to diverse traditions in art and chosen works of genius, while inspiring them to express themselves in their own unique ways.

Sporting Spaces

Our facilities for physical education and sport are located all around the campus and encourage a lifelong culture of fitness. While children practice soccer moves on the field, we have a brand new federation approved synthetic court for basketball, and bowling nets for cricket. Badminton nets are set up in the central courtyard whereas table tennis, yoga and gymnastics are carried out in the indoor sports centre. The latest addition to our facilities is an 18 m lap pool for learners.

‘Wonder’ful Spaces

In our playscapes and landscaped gardens at NiBS, everything grows- joy, laughter, wonder, beauty and even calm! Welcoming children with the lyrical sounds of chimes played by the breeze, the garden takes them up along a wandering pathway of butterfly and herb patches to the walls of illusion, water play nook, twisty slide, rope ladders, swings and through the maze of grasses to the caterpillar tunnel. Designed with patience and love and in collaboration with the children themselves, the space is special and sacred. A place where learning happens in its most natural way, through wonder and play!

Wired Spaces

At NiBS, technology is a tool but nonetheless one that pervades all our school spaces and facilities. In addition to two specialized laboratories for ICT, all classrooms and specialized hubs are equipped with computers and projection facilities. Interactive whiteboards have been installed in select locations and teachers routinely integrate technology in their teaching.

NiBS World, our custom designed internal software management system, allows the school office to automate its data and offers teachers the flexibility of storing their lesson plans on the system for anytime, anywhere access. The school is also equipped with a video-conferencing system to conduct online meetings and training sessions with national and international experts.

Community Spaces

Aptly located in the very heart of our building is the central courtyard, our favourite place to gather together for assemblies, performances, a quick game or just a chat. Mirroring in its form, the organic V shape that describes the flight of birds, it both holds and evokes our founding ideal – it is the power of community that helps us soar. From the step pit in the Arts Centre, to the Junior, Middle and Senior project spaces, the spacious multi-media room, the auditorium, foyer and neighbourhood nooks and windows, spaces all around the campus invite us to share, bond and connect in diverse and varied ways.

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