Spaces that Speak

At NiBS, in an attempt to sensitize all stakeholders to the possibilities inherent in our new spaces, an interesting ‘Spaces that Speak’ project was undertaken.

Many conversations were held with teachers and students across the school following which, they each drew pictures, wrote stories and poems. A select group of students also did school walk-throughs taking photographs of anything that interested them, drawing maps and framing and answering questionnaires.

The students commented on how their classrooms made them feel, what they liked about the graphics and displays in the school’s learning corridors, what they liked to use their project spaces for and what their favourite spots were in the garden or courtyard.

Such an ongoing dialogue has led to a deeper understanding and awareness of how the built environment and learning are interconnected. By encouraging the students and teachers to consciously reflect and engage with their surroundings, place-making has become a vibrant and exciting process. The intended significance of spaces is being discovered, while at the same time, new uses for existing spaces are being found and new meanings are constantly being shaped.

A school building is the first outside space that a child is exposed to after his or her home, and ours has now become the perfect catalyst for discovery, exploration and enquiry to begin!

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