Sporty Morning 2018 – Cl. Ankur and Pallav

A Sporty Morning for classes Ankur and Pallav was organized on 2nd November 2018 at the school grounds with all zest and zeal. Parents witnessed our cheerful little ones take on to the field as they performed their ‘drills’ and the ‘Fun Races’ based on the theme ‘How’dini.

The children of class Ankur spread the magic around as they performed the ‘Magic Wand Drill’ using the pom-poms and coordinating perfectly with each other.

This event was followed by a mesmerizing drill by the children of class Pallav. They children matched up their steps and used the ‘Magic Balls’ to perfection.

The excitement soared as the students of class Ankur and Pallav participated in a range of races which depicted various tricks performed by a magician. Our adorable little magicians peddled the tricycles, created pyramids using blocks; balanced the hats with a toy inside, hopped, jumped and crossed hurdles to showcase their agility and sportsman spirit.

The parents showed tremendous sportsman spirit and were completely involved to make the day a great success.