Sporty Morning 2018 – Cl. I and II

The Sports Morning for classes I and II was organized on Ist November, 2018 at the school grounds upholding the spirit of celebrating sports. Among much zeal and zest, Charu ma’am flagged off the morning event and welcomed all the excited parents.

The enthusiastic class I children took to the field and performed the ‘Yoga Drill’ bringing in the benefits of different yoga postures.

This event was followed by a ‘Magical Wand Drill’ by the cheerful class II students. They used wands as props to show movements, displaying perfect coordination on the field.

The excitement soared as the students of class I and II participated in an array of races, cheerfully running, sprinting, balancing and jumping hurdles to complete the races.

The races were designed keeping in mind the topics ‘Simple Machines’ and ‘Groovy Gadets’ class I and II are exploring as per the Annual theme.‘The Torch Work Race’, ‘Fishing Magnet Race’, ‘Wheel Barrow Race’ and ‘Assemble the Clock  Race’ were some of the races.

The parents showed tremendous sportsman spirit and were fully involved to make the day a great success.