Talk by a Travel Agent

A talk by the Travel Agent On 7th February, 2018 as part of the learning activity for the theme ‘Land’, the students of class Pallav had an interactive session with Mr. Daljeet, a travel agent from Sparks Travel Agency. The idea was to help the students understand that planning a holiday required more than just packing bags and going for a holiday. In fact Mr. Daljeet through his interactive slides and presentation stressed on planning each step of the travel meticulously, for example the mode of transportation to be selected when planning a trip, the kind of hotels and even the various recreation activities that one should plan extensively in advance, in order to enjoy a stress free and a happy vacation. He also mentioned about that the plans for travelling also depend on whether we are planning to travel to the hills, beaches or a desert location as each location has a certain kind of climate, food and flora and fauna. Children asked various questions related to transport, accommodation and destinations. They were delighted to get interesting and meaningful answers to their queries. Since this topic is learnt through Project Based Learning, a Travel Fair will be organized as an end product, wherein children will play various roles involved in organizing a trip. This interaction aided children to understand the roles played by a travel agency in great detail.