Talk by an environmentalist

While learning about ‘Water’, as a part of EVS theme ‘Air and Water’, an Environmentalist Ms. Akshita  Mishra was invited  to school  on 17th August 2016 to  give a talk to children of class III .

The session began by Ms. Akshita talking about the importance of water and its uses. Students brainstormed on the amount of water which is present in the earth and in our body..

The interactive session was followed by viewing a PPT on ways to conserve water at home and the presentation was wrapped up with a ‘question session’ during which, the children’s queries were answered.

The students were provided with a checklist on ways to conserve water so that the students could keep a tab if they follow the water saving measures.

All in all, it was a great learning session where students understood the importance of water.