Talk on Water Conservation the Centre for Science and Environment(CSE)

The two experts on environment – development issues took a one hour session to brief the students about the importance of water and the different ways in which we can conserve water. To begin with the children were made to answer collaboratively a worksheet, to get a fair idea about what they already know.

Taking it from there Ms. Ajanta Sikdar spoke about the water cycle, states of matter and finally the process of rain water harvesting. They spoke about green schools and explained how our school is contributing to the goal of saving and recycling water. Students were also briefed about the whole process of recycling the water.

Each child contributed by sharing their experiences and ideas. A small clipping on water conservation was screened.
Finally some more worksheets consisting of puzzles based on water facts were given to the children to solve. Indeed it was an enlightening session for the students and teachers as well. This interaction was certainly a need fulfilled!.