Talk with Tanmay Bakshi

On 22nd December 2017 a talk was held by Tanmay Bakshi, world’s youngest coder, author and TedX speaker at FICCI auditorium. Schools from all over Delhi were invited to send their students. Tanmay was interviewd by Rajiv Makhni, who is a tech guru and works for NDTV. The Canadian based 12 year-old programmer began the session by giving an introduction. Tanmay was first attracted towards programming at age five as he wondered how he could display his name on his dad’s computer. At the age of 8, he developed an app to help learn hi tables easily. Currently he is working with IBM and cognitive developing. An advocate of artificial intelligence-or commonly known as AI-, he has developed his own AI which is called Ask Tanmay. The child prodigy answered the various questions that were related to the growing concern on whether AI could be trusted blindly and many more. Giving the example of an incident related to a Tesla car where it was able to detect and prevent a road accident, Bakshi said that a human wouldn’t have been able to so. He further backed AI and why it is easier to trust it as is not human and won’t make errors. Tanmay also tried to eradicate the apprehension of AI replacing humans in a number of field by saying that it will only replace jobs that are manual and humans would be able prioritize and focus more on important things. He also said new jobs will opened in the field software as well. Bakshi also expressed his interest in working in the field of healthcare and how AI would help people with quadriplegia, that is, the paralysis of the four limns. The children from various schools were also given the opportunity to ask questions to Tanmay himself. The talk was ended on the note on whether he would like to work in India to which he replied affirmatively with gusto.