Teachers Day

Mr Debhashis Chaterjee, the renowned author visited our school on 4th September 2017. An eminent author, who currently is the Director General of International Management Institute, he enlightened us about his new book Invincible Arjuna: Nine Milestones on the Hero Path, and related it the important role that teachers play. The author was warmly welcomed and introduced to the team who were delighted by his presence amongst them. The session began with a short introductory video of his book. He then spoke about how the book came into being and how his curiosity about Arjuna and the number of students named after him led him to various schools. His multiple interactions with students made him realise that the name Arjuna was the most preferred name in the country. This amazed the author and his fondness towards the Mahabharata hero led to him penning the book and it becoming a bestseller. He shared a series of rich experiences, some of them with legendary personalities, one of them being Mother Teresa. He quoted her words, ‘Small Things with Great Love’, something he said he didn’t understand at that time but which later made him reflect and understand the huge impact they could have. His personal experiences made us realize the relevance of Arjuna in today’s times. He also defined responsibility in a way one wouldn’t even think of and shed light on the importance of being focused in a world full of distractions. He related the anecdote of Dhrona pretending to be trapped in the jaws of a crocodile in order to test his disciples. While everyone stood paralyzed with fear and indecision, Arjuna responded. Arjuna’s response was singular as he used his bow and arrow to release his ‘Guru’ from the clutches of the crocodile. All these experiences and anecdotes gave the teachers a clearer picture of what it means to be responsible, and also made them realize the difference between the ability to respond and the ability to act. Arjuna was what he was because he was focussed and never preoccupied when he was doing something. He also spoke about how everyone needs a ‘Guru’ in their life at some point of time. That one person might not have all the answers to everything but just his/ her presence could make all the difference. Towards the end he answered a few questions. His easy demeanour and jovial attitude made the session interesting and appealed to all present there.