Teachers Visit from Druk Padma Karpo School, Leh

It was a proud moment for the Nibs team as teachers from
Druk Padma Karpo School, Leh, chose NiBS for a week’s Teachers Training Programme.

These guest educators spent time in classes from Ankur to II, interacting with the children and the NiBS educators across disciplines. They observed classes in action, noted the different teaching strategies and best practices being adopted.

A discussion was held wherein the Nibs teachers shared the most effective methods of teaching and assessments, and the pedagogical approaches being followed such as Differentiated Instruction,Collaborative learning and Inter disciplinary approach to help the visiting educators design lesson plans for their children, as per their need.

To help the DRUK teachers strengthen their understanding and appreciate and build upon student differences, workshops were organized on Collaborative Learning, Lesson Planning and Assessment.

Taking the training programme beyond the classroom environment, the DRUK educators joined the students on a trip to the Nehru Planetarium that turned out to be very enjoyable and gave all some wonderful moments to take back home.

The visiting team of teachers generously expressed their gratitude for the warm hospitality received by them at Nibs.