Teaching Methodologies – Cl. XII

An interactive workshop on “Teaching Methodologies and Question Paper Designing in Computer Science for Std. XII” was organized at St. Mary’s School on 17th September 2016. This workshop was attended by the computer science teachers of schools in and around Dwarka.

The guest speaker for the workshop was Ms. Tarunim Sharma – Assistant Professor at Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology. She spoke on teaching methodologies that should be adopted to make the teaching learning process more effective. She stressed on the importance of catering to all types of learners – visual, kinesthetic and auditory – by preparing appropriate teaching aids. She also emphasized on collaborative work strategies in the classroom. The teacher, she felt, should allow the students to brainstorm while acting as a guide to direct their thoughts in the right direction. It could also be useful sometimes to follow a Z to A approach wherein the teacher could first introduce the learner groups to applications of a concept before discussing the concept itself so as to induce interest.

The next speaker was the senior computer science teacher from St. Mary’s school. She carried out a detailed analysis of the existing blueprint and pattern of the class XII Computer Science paper. She discussed the type of questions that have been asked from various topics in the previous years and the type of questions that are likely to be asked. The assembled teachers were then divided into seven groups and each group deliberated on one question of the question paper and gave inputs to add to the points already discussed.