The Changing World

To provide an insight on the concept of plate tectonics and the related repercussions and as a part of the Project Based Learning – ‘The Changing World’ for class XI, and also as a part of the curriculum for class IX, a talk by a Geoscientist was organized on 10th August 2016 in the school auditorium. It was a pleasure to have Miss Ena Dadwal who is pursuing her career in geosciences as our guest speaker.

She introduced the concept of plate movements through an informative and interesting video. Through a power point presentation, she made the students understand about the interior of the earth, plates, seismic waves and the resultant effects of plate movements. Her session was summed up by a question – answer session where she very aptly answered all the questions asked by the students and also clarified their doubts.

The talk helped the students in visualizing and understanding the concepts better. The session also provided an in-depth insight on the application of the theory of ‘Plate Tectonics’.