The Magic We Retreat

THE MAGIC WE RETREAT Cheer and bonhomie pervaded the portals of NiBS as the faculty assembled to board the bus for the Annual Team Building Retreat at Jaipur on 20 September 2018.

We were welcomed by beautifully landscaped sprawling lawns at the resort. A scrumptious lunch and a few relaxing moments got us ready for our confluence. The session kick started with a little warming up followed by Pooja maaam and Charu Maam taking us down memory lane about the inception and journey of NiBS.

The session definitely helped the new members o the family to develop a connect with the roots of the institution. This was followed by ‘Lakshya’ –This session was divided into – A crack where the light gets in – Making it UP as we go – Something is better than nothing – Doing our best – Never give up We viewed some inspirational videos and were asked to share our perceptions regarding the same.

It was amazing to note how a single clipping elicited so many varied responses ranging from -we all need a crack for the light to get in, not to give up, seeing beauty in imperfections, importance of asking questions, focusing on skill development ,strength of conviction, we decide what we want to be, importance of asking questions to share learning and experiences Voice of Promise- the teachers were asked to incorporate values of PROMISE in VOICE and present the same to the team.

The day ended with much jubilation and cheer with Charu Maam sharing the all India rank of the school DAY 2 Day started with a morning trek for teachers. The formal sessions started with ‘The Game Plan’- where various interesting games were organized.

The teachers were divided into random groups leading to a lot of interaction and camaraderie. Clipping from the movie, ‘Stanley ka Dabba,’ aimed at all of us reflecting on the kind of teacher we would like to be. We also shared our unique experiences in classroom situation as well as some of our personal experiences. Filling up of ‘Feed -back’ forms helped us to reinforce the main aspects of the retreat and also allowed us to give our view point and suggestions.

Evening brought in a beautiful surprise for all of us with Charu Ma’am bringing in the personalized slam books for each of us giving us unique titles. It surely reflected the love and affection that school management has for each family member of NiBS, making every individual new or old feeling so special. Manish Sir added the cherry on the cake with his impromptu songs for each teacher!

DAY 3 Day 3 dawned with lot of excitement and anticipation for the most awaited activity- Shopping. Jaipur is a known for its exquisite jewellery and traditional clothing and all the members shopped zealously for their dear ones in the bazaars of Jaipur not in the least deterred by the drizzle.

The retreat came as a stress buster and rejuvenating outing but the journey back to Delhi reminded us all of the pending result work…… The teachers are avid lifelong learners, imbibing new skills with each new experience. Understanding our history and school ethos is important to develop a long lasting bond with the institution we are attached to…The retreat provided an ideal opportunity for the same.