The Reading Project : ‘Get Booked!’

To foster a love for reading and to help children develop an understanding and appreciation for different writing genres, a week long Reading Project was organised in school during which, both students and teachers shared in the joy of reading together. The children read books of different genres and worked on response sheets to help them make connections, predict events and draw inferences

Class I was introduced to the fascinating stories penned by Dr Seuss. They designed their own book folders and filled response sheets related to the stories they had read. Class II explored the wonderful world of Fables as they watched videos and read different fairy tales. A ‘Dress Up Day’ was organized as the culmination activity and the students dressed up as their favourite character.

Class III explored Fractured Fairy Tales with their unexpected characterization and plots. Along with attempting the reading response sheets and maintaining journals, they also wrote out tales of their own. Class IV was introduced to different kinds of poetry. Through group and individual reading sessions, they developed an understanding of the varied styles of poetry and wrote interesting Limericks and Acrostic poems.

Class V unravelled the mysteries and tales of the Classics and studied the different elements that make up a story including the characters, theme and plot.  Class VI read Non-Fiction Informational Text such as ‘Tell Me Why’ and the National Geographic and culminated their readings with a sharing of News Reports, wherein donning the role of NiBS Reporters, they presented a live coverage of their findings.

Students of Class VII read Adventure Stories and Fiction whereas those from Class VIII read biographies and autobiographies. For the culmination, Class VII participated in ‘Our Book Bits’ and shared their favourite parts from the book that they had read. Class VIII took on the roles of personalities and were interviewed by their peers.

Class IX focused on ‘Poetry’ and explored poets of different genres such as Shakespeare, Robert Frost, William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson and A.L. Tennyson. The children explored poetry extensively and divided into groups, wrote poems based on a poet who had inspired them the most.

Class XI read One- Act Plays and employed different reading strategies like making connections, inferring, questioning, determining importance, visualization and synthesizing to read and understand unparalleled works of renowned playwrights including Anton Checkov, Arthur Miller, Samuel Becket and many others. Silent reading and reflection, animated group readings and discussions, role plays and making entries in their reading journals were some activities that were planned throughout the week. The Reading Project culminated with a ‘Mock Trial’ where characters from three plays- The Still Alarm, The Unwilling Martyr and The Happy Journey- were put on trial for their transgressions and other character flaws.

Though the Reading Project ended on 5th May, our ‘Out of this World’ reading escapades will continue all year long!!