The Story of the NiBS Logo

The NiBS motto, ‘Together we can’ comes alive in our logo…a graphic representation of a flight of geese (hansa) on a long journey made possible only by collaboration.

Both science and legend tell us that every year flocks of wild geese (hansa) fly nearly 3000 miles to escape frigid winters. The only way they succeed in reaching their destination is by flying together.

As each bird flaps its wings, it gives a thrust to the others in the flock, and by flying together in a V formation, the flock adds 70% greater flying range than if each bird flew by itself.

If any bird wounds itself and drops out of the flock, it is never left alone. Other geese (hansa) fly out with it lending it help and protection till it recovers and is ready to fly again.

As the leader of the flock gets tired, he rotates back and another bird takes his place as leader. Thus, with mutual support they all arrive safely at their destination – an otherwise impossible feat!

For us, the hansa in our logo express the sheer joy and power of community. People who share a common direction and work together are able to achieve goals greater and higher than if they had worked alone.