‘The ‘Together We Can’ 2017 Challenge

“Together we can.
Shoot the moon, stop the rain even ride a hurricane,
Together we can.
Walk into space, save the human race”

The Together We Can Challenge -2017 was yet another phase in our journey ‘Out of the World’. The NiBS community hosted this event, which was held on 17th August 2017. Ten schools from in and around  Delhi participated. The challenge was to create a working model of a satellite to study the Sun.

Teams of six students, comprising of  two students each, from classes VI to VIII participated in the event and took up the challenge of making a semi- working model of a satellite to study the Sun.

The students brainstormed, researched and interacted with teachers and parents to understand the basics of a satellite. Students from our school went on a virtual tour and attended a workshop with Mr. Anurag  Rana, a aviation stimulator designer, to understand not only the core components but also the functions of a satellite.  This further enhanced their learning.

The challenge made the budding scientists gain knowledge of the various stages involved in making a satellite. They started with the selection of the material and researched upon various designs before deciding on the components. They created the circuits and finally gave an aesthetic feel to it. ‘ANANTA – The Unbounded One’, was the name unanimously given to the created satellite.

The final presentation of the enriching three-week journey was a delight to the eye. Mr. Ankit Bhatija, from Xovian, a space start up associated with space education and manufacturing and Mr. Sarvesh Kumar Bhardwaj , CEO of SDRO( Scientific Research & Development Organisation) were the judges for the day. The tireless effort and immense hard work of the students was clearly visible in the innovative models that were on display.

This voyage of completing the task was indeed a learning experience and added a feather to our achievements as we bagged the first position for the innovative title given to the satellite.