The Wonders of the Dark Skies

The children of class IV went to the Nehru Planetarium with the objective of fostering scientific temper and learning about the solar system through interesting ways.

Inside the planetarium, the walls were adorned with visuals, pictures galore, plethora of information display boards, peep through, miniatures, telescopes, electronic screens, science quiz monitor and a life size astronaut sitting inside a sphere shaped carrier.

The walls on both sides were marked with exhibition like categorization of information, material, objects, miniature models and pictures of space science and the universe.

The students watched a special show ‘Wonders of the Universe’. The narration was immensely informative about the universe, comets, gravitational forces, the distance, light years, moons, atmosphere, surface, space missions, volcanic eruptions, melting heat and freezing cold conditions, life possibilities etc.

The sound and motion effect, as projected in the Sky Theatre, made the students feel as if they were revolving and swaying seeing right up into a moving sky. This feeling of a revolving motion and the impeccable 3D effect was enthralling and the students came out dazzled, enlightened and illuminated.

The Nehru Memorial Museum was also visited by the students where they learned about the life and work of Indian freedom fighters. The children were fascinated to see some of the rooms, such as Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s bedroom, drawing room and the study that have been preserved as they were at the time of his death.