Together We Can Challenge – 2015

A yet another Together We Can challenge was accomplished at Nirmal Bhartia School, where Ms. Jaya Iyer, Mr. Sohail Hashmi and Ms. Yaaminey Mubayi honoured us with their bestowal by judging the event. They have had their close association with the history of Delhi.

It was all about discovering the monuments of Delhi combined with a burning desire to unravel its past. ‘13 Explorers’, from classes 4, 6, 7 and 8 came together as a group to talk, discover and share quaint stories, historical routes and ‘desi’ delicacies about the capital.

To fulfill their mission, they embarked on ‘Ek Khaas Walk’ through the corridors of Delhi’s history, armed with their quest and sun blocks! 11 Renowned schools across Delhi and NCR were part of this opportunity, they were first initiated about the project at the host school thereafter, they had to resume with a presentation on having achieved their goal.

Two interesting places were zeroed by the Nirmal Bhartians– Shahpur Jat and Hauz Khas village that had monuments, bazaars, arts & crafts showrooms, historical temples, gardens, mouthwatering cuisines , and what not…all under one roof.

To be sure of, which one site would suffice as a subject for their research, they decided to visit both the places and set off perfectly on schedule, with open minds ,eyes and ears; as there was so much to absorb. These amateur explorers turned into historians, discoverers, researchers, project managers, and even comedians, to lighten up heated moments!

All the participants showed overwhelming enthusiasm during their presentations. The Best ‘Walking Tour and Footlet’ award went to Vasant Valley School, whereas ,the Best Advertising Campaign prize was bagged by Tagore International School. Also, Shikshantar School won the Best Activity Kit.

The project instilled a sense of appreciation and faith in the students about their abilities to address the challenges thrown at them and accomplishing the same within the given time. To work collaboratively and be responsible towards the team while working to preserve the environment and their city’s heritage, was another learning outcome of the project.