Together We Can Challenge

NiBS hosted the Together We Can Challenge Korea for children on 29th August, 2016. The task was to create a unique movie promoting the rich art and culture of South Korea.Ten schools participated in the event, making a team of six students each from classes VI – VIII.

A debrief session was given at the start to the project which included the rules and information of Korea from Korean delegates of the Korean Cultural Centre (KCC). Our TWC team researched and framed a story line to start creating the film.

All the editing was done using the Windows movie maker software and the team proudly created the 4-minute video depicting the face of Korea through the imagery of a potter making his masterpiece with a lump of clay.

The day was chaired by a panel of judges from KCC, Mr. Wonpil Kim, Ms. Buyoung Yang and a filmmaker, Mr. Subhojit Paul who critically evaluated each movie.

The NiBS team proudly presented the video and shared the process of completing it, and gladly accepted the runners up trophy which paid off for the efforts put. Vasant Valley School proudly lifted the winner’s trophy and five thousand rupees cash price.

Both the audio-visual presentations are in the process of being uploaded on the Korean Cultural Centre Face book page