Udaan – 2018

UDAAN, the Annual farewell ceremony for the graduating batch of 2019 was held on Friday, 1 February, 2019, as the 21 stars of the evening were ready to embark on a new journey leaving the nest which has nurtured and nourished them, and carry the responsibility of representing their alma mater.

The poignant and solemn occasion was attended by the parents of Std XII students, the Chairperson, Pooja Ma’am, Principal Charu Ma’am, Heads of School, Amita Ma’am and Vibha Ma’am, and teachers.

Pooja Ma’am instilled a sense of confidence and courage into the young hearts by stressing on the fact that each one of them was a winner as they held the greatest trophy of all – the trophy of life!

Charu Ma’am had everyone sitting in attention with bated breath as she read out a self-composed poem unveiling the salient traits of each of the 21 graduating students.

In her message, Amita Ma’am advised the students to chase their dreams, try new things and continue to hone their skills and good things will come their way. A short film took the students down memory lane and all possible reactions could be seen and heard.

The Latin term “alma mater” means nourishing mother and as the young brigade was ready to soar, they are also expected to carry the NiBS legacy forward. Each student was bestowed with the NiBS angvastra and Udaan magazine signifying the ethos and values of the institution.

Lot of cheer and bonhomie marked the rest of the evening as the students enjoyed scrumptious snacks and clicked photographs with their teachers and friends. As they leave the portals of the school, each one of them will be taking a bit of this institution with him or her and at the same time will be leaving a little part of them here.