VASANT VALLEY Drama Festival – Jaldi Jaldi Karo Kamal Varn

The Vasant Valley Drama Festival is a much awaited event that the students and teachers of Class V look forward to every year. The aim of this festival is to provide the ten year olds with a platform to showcase their creativity through the medium of Drama and to script and enact their own plays around the given theme

To commemorate twenty five years of the Drama Festival, this year the theme decided was ‘Jaldi Jaldi’. Two teachers and twenty students attended the introductory theatre workshop, where besides interacting with the other participants; they were apprised of the guidelines which they needed to keep in mind while preparing for the festival.

The three day Drama Festival was held at Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park where schools across Delhi NCR region participated in this mega event. Our team participated on the second day of the festival. Many schools like Step by Step, Sri Ram, School, and Pathways, to name a few.

Our play was based on King Khan who wanted everything to be done ‘Jaldi Jaldi’ and to appease His Majesty, the poor Mantri decided to get him married to a meek little ‘chuhiya’. In the end, King Khan falls in love with her and also learns to take life easy.

Our students gave an energetic performance as their acting skills, voice modulation, and dialogue delivery and also their song and dance finale enthralled the audience. The icing on the cake was the word of appreciation by the Principal of The Vasant Valley School, who congratulated the NiBS team on the “Freshness of the theme”, their confidence and natural flair with which they held the audience spellbound.