Visit by an Architect

As a follow up of the visit to the construction site, Class 2 took a step further in studying their theme ‘My Home, My Shelter’. An architect was invited to the school on 21st December. Mr. Arijit Ghosh talked to the children and explained to them about the steps involved in the making of a house. He elaborated on specific terms like cement, bricks, cranes and scaffolding with graphic illustrations.

The presentation gave an overview of how the house is designed keeping in mind the space available and personal choice of the client. He also brought some animated videos to explain the process of laying of bricks and working at a construction site. The videos made it simpler for the children to understand the concept better and they thoroughly enjoyed the whole session.The visual session was followed by an interactive one which was very informative and definitely helped the children to understand the concept of planning a house in a more real way.