Visit by Horticulturist

Students of class VII Bahaar are doing a Project Based Learning on topic ‘Plant Reproduction’. The aim of the PBL is to learn the asexual and sexual modes of reproduction in plants. As a part of their project, a well experienced horticulturist Mr. Jha visited our school and held an interactive session with our kids. He shared his valuable experience with our children regarding growing of different varieties of plants including the imported species. Students learnt about the different modes of reproduction in plants and the various factors affecting the growth of plants. He also gave simple tips to take good care of our plants. An interesting feature of his talk was the use of green grass carpet in various sports like football. He also talked about the use of latest technology of ‘Hybridization’ to obtain seeds of higher quality. He addressed all the queries from children with patience and interest. The session was well planned, effective and helped the students to enhance their learning.