Visit to Nursery

As an entry event, to introduce the topic ‘Plants’ in Environmental Studies (EVS), the students of class III visited a nearby well- kept Nursery in Dwarka  on 17th October 2016, to observe different kinds of plants propagated and grown there. They were excited as most of them were visiting a Nursery for the first time.

Children saw various types of plants such as trees, shrubs, herbs, bushes and ferns etc. They understood the individual features that differentiate various plants. They also saw climbers and creepers in the nursery.

They were amazed to see the fruits like banana and guava growing on the trees and had many queries about the size, the shape and the colour of the plants.

This real life experience helped them to appreciate and value the bounties of Nature and also to understand different types of plants. Over all it was a great learning experience for the students.