Visit to Qutab Minar

Visit to Qutab Minar – Class II

As part of the theme ‘Our Neighbourhood’ students of Class II are studying about ‘Delhi’. To explore this topic further, they visited Qutab Minar on 18th October, 2016. At Qutab Minar, the students explored the complex and saw the tallest brick minaret in the world. They also read more information from the sandstone slabs about this famous medieval architecture.

They observed the various patterns on the monuments and admired the beautiful inscriptions engraved on the walls.

This trip helped the children to appreciate the history and origins of their city. They pledged to take care of their heritage and keep their city clean. Once they were back in class they recorded their observations and wrote about the trip. This trip also helped them achieve their objective of comparing Delhi in the olden days to what it looks like now.