Visit to the Election Commission Museum

To gain a deeper insight into the history of our right to vote and to trace its legacy, the students of classes XI and XII visited the Election Commission Museum. Set up in 2016, the Election Commission museum has over 200 exhibits and nearly a hundred historical pictures that document the history of elections in India. The ‘Journey through Elections’ Centre, situated in the old St. Stephens College building, provides detailed information about India’s democratic journey, and is a treasure house especially for those born in post-independence India. After watching interesting mini movies on the right to vote and its significance, and the Constituent Assembly’s resolve to entitle to each and every citizen of India, this right, they went on a guided tour of the museum, which proved to be a resource room for us. Getting to read letters handwritten by the political leaders of that era was a magical moment for many of them and it left most of the students in awe of their ideology and vision. They were also left impressed with posters, creatively designed art pieces that offered us a peek into the significant milestones of Indian history.