Visit to the Fire Station

As part of the environment studies theme ‘Our Neighbourhood’, our little Pallavs visited the Fire Station located in Dwarka, Sector 6 on 10th September 2015 and took a tour assisted by the Firemen on duty.

This was a real learning and fun activity for all of the kids to see the Firemen in their dress guiding them all through the fire fighting equipment and fire engines stationed to render emergency services.

The kids had an opportunity to see and touch equipment like the fire jacket and helmet, water hoses and getting really helpful information shared by the Firefighters. They were very helpful and educated the children on basic fire prevention at home, evacuation and actions to be taken in case of a house fire.

A brief demonstration on fire drills was conducted to ensure that the children are able to visualise and recollect the learning points on fire safety and evacuation actions.

The children were thrilled to have personal interaction with Firemen in uniform and in appreciation, distributed sweets and sang the rhyme “10 Little Firemen” much to the delight of the Firefighters on duty.