Visit to the Jim Corbett National Park

This year we went to the Jim Corbett National Park. It was scheduled from 28th to 30th September 2016.Not only the students but the teachers were also looking forward to this trip.

We started our trip on a high note, singing our way through from the time we boarded the bus till we reached. The route of the bus to the Jim Corbett Park was through narrow roads and with huge rocks on the sides which took our excitement and enthusiasm to another level.

The best part of the trip was the quality time that the students spent with their friends wherein no stone was left unturned. We did community work in the small village which included cleaning up the drain and painting and cleaning a school.

After doing this we felt proud and satisfied as even though it was a small gesture it gave us-both students and the teachers a feeling of having made a difference .Well then- IT’S TIME FOR SOME ADVENTURE!!! Keeping our fears aside we tried Zip – line and Body Surfing. It was not only fun but helped us being more confident about handling diverse situations.

This trip was a perfect one starting from the food to the activities to the resort and last but not the least the company of teachers and students.

This was the best trip ever as everything that we did while having fun, we also had something to learn. All in all, this was a trip to be remembered with a pinch of learning ,fun and wholesome of memories.