Visit to the National Science Center

On 20th December, a workshop on physics was organized at the National Science Centre, New Delhi, to inculcate a scientific approach amongst our students through a series of hands-on workshops. As part of this workshop, the children learnt the art of rocket making where they made rockets using pastel sheets.

They then launched it in the sky, based on the principles of motion taught at the session. They also related this to the principle of ‘projectile’ taught in physics.  This initiative was appreciated by all, and the young scientists are looking forward to more of such enriching activities.

An Innovative science session, ‘Racing of Molecules’ was attended by our students on 19th of December at the National Science Center. This session was based on the technique of Gel Electrophoresis .

The students were trained to use this technique for the separation of mixture of different dyes on the basis of their varied behaviour under electric field.This session has helped the students to develop skills like scientific temperament and critical thinking.