Visit to the Nehru Planetarium

Eight students of class XI visited the Nehru Planetarium on the 21st of April 2017. Situated on the grounds of the Teen Murti Bhawan, the Nehru Planetarium attempts to promote astronomy education among students.

The students viewed a film on Pulsars. The film explained how a star takes birth in a nebula, the stellar nursery, eventually runs out of fuel and collapses crushing every proton and electron to a neutron. The neutron star now formed has a very dense core, is highly magnetized and emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation while rotating. This is called a pulsar, the lighthouse of the Universe. Eventually the neutron star may collapse under its own gravity and become a black hole.

They also attended a talk on “Gravity Defied: From potato asteroids to magnetized neutron stars” by Dr. Sushan Konar from the National Center for Radio Astrophysics, Pune. It was highly enlightening and covered a variety of intriguing topics like the potato radius (the classification for separating asteroids from dwarf planets), the Chandrasekhar limit ( the mass beyond which gravity starts dominating electron degeneracy), Supernova ( resulting from the explosion of a star) and death of a star as it evolves into a neutron star, a pulsar and finally a black hole. The talk was followed by an interactive question answer session.

The students returned back enriched from their experience.