Visit to the Police Station

As part of the EVS theme ‘Our Neighbourhood’, the Pallavs explored their Neighbourhood!They got to know about the various helpers who help in the smooth functioning of the society.

The Pallavs visited the Police Station located in Sector 9, Dwarka on 17th September 2015. The children were excited to meet the real life heroes and were ready with their set of questions.

They were brimming with excitement as they entered the campus. The children were greeted by a friendly cop who took them around. The students saw the information centre where  information from all the police stations is received.

This was followed by a visit to the ammunition room. Children  were curious and excited as they saw the guns and ammunitions. The staff told the attentive children how they function and the importance of their emergency services.

As the children walked past the lock-up cell, they were surprised to see the suspects inside. Children were later shown the impounded vehicles and were told the reason for which they were kept there.

Before leaving for school, the children met with the S.H.O. He interacted with the children and answered their questions.