Visit to the Sewage Treatment Plant

Class lll Basant and lll Bahaar went to see the ‘Sewage Treatment Plant’ in the school as part of our ongoing theme ‘Water’. The children were showed the water plant and explained how the used water from the toilets is cleaned’ purified and reused in the school again.

Our establishment in charge, Mr Vishnu Sharma explained to the children that the used water goes through five different stages and is then reused again.The five stages are:
1.Sedimentation: firstly the water is cleaned by sedimentation where the bigger impurities settle down at the bottom.
2. Cleaning by chemicals: Then the water is passed through different chemicals where it is further cleaned.

3. Adding Chlorine: Chlorine is added to this water to remove small impurities.
4. Passed through filters: This water is then passed through different filters to make it more clean and fit for reuse.
5. Storage tanks: This clean water is then sent to storage tanks from where it is reused in the school.
The children were really excited to see the miraculous transition of the dirty and smelly water into clean water.