Visit to the Zoo !

We are going to the zoo,zoo, zoo, You can come too ! On 16th January, 2018, the students of class Pallav visited the Delhi Zoo for their day long educational trip.

This trip was planned by the teachers as an entry event to the topic ‘Land’ to be studied in class over the next two months. As a part of the visit they were exposed to the different kinds of animals, birds and reptiles.

They were also made aware that certain animals only live in a particular region, due to favourable climate and their food habits.

The children enjoyed moving around the zoo in the battery operated nature friendly buses and learnt that animals live in different habitats – birds live on trees, animals living in caves and burrows and water animals have adapted to their surroundings.

The teachers also explained about their eating habits and how they give birth to their young ones. Lastly they also made observations about various kinds of plants and trees like Ashoka, Banyan, Bamboo and Banana that they saw in the zoo. Overall it was a fun day with the children’s picnic and learning happening all at once.